About You

You take retirement planning seriously and realize that you have only one chance to live a comfortable retirement. Proactive and practical, you usually have no desire to manage your financial affairs on a daily basis and aim to simplify your life. You don’t want to beat the stock market, but you do want to achieve your retirement goals. 

Why I love what I do

Life is about the people you share it with, and I strive to be one of them. I help you define your priorities and then put them in context with the rest of your life. I’m passionate about building long-term relationships with my clients to help stand with you as you turn the pages of your unique retirement story. I take great pride in this connection, and the level of uncompromising integrity my clients have come to know me for.

As a licensed professional and Chartered Retirement Planning Counselor have to meet the strictest of ethical requirements, as well as meaningful ongoing continuing education requirements.

Nothing makes me happier than to help people realize they have choices they didn’t even know existed.

That takes hard work, knowledge, and attention to detail – your details…


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fax:  386-230-0610

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